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Single RVers' Clubs Offer Socialization and RVing "How-to" Support

Single RVers' clubs and organizations give solo RV travelers a special network. Whether the focus is on having fun at campouts or sharing RVing information, the groups form a support system.

RVing Women (RVW)

The RVing Women byline is "Recreation, Support, Information, and Networking for Women RV'ers". Their website says the group is the only international support network solely for the woman recreational vehicle enthusiast.

RVing Women (RVW)
PO Box 1940
Apache Junction, AZ 85117-1940
Phone: 888-557-8464
Website: RVing Women


Loners On Wheels (LoW)

LoW is an international singles RV club. They have been serving single campers and travelers since 1969. Their website says they are a club of "mingling singles."

Loners on Wheels (LoW)
1795 O'Kelley Road, SE
Deming, NM 88030
Message: 575-544-7303
FAX: 575-546-1350
Toll Free Message 1-866-LOW-CLUB (569-2582)
Website: Loners on Wheels


Wandering Individuals Network (WIN)

This quote is from Dorothy Prince, Founder of WIN, "When we gather it is to share happy times and sad; to share know-how; to help one another; to allow others the space to be themselves, without criticism; to enjoy activities or to bow out for whatever reason." Their website describes them as being a single's network organization of high energy and active members.

Wandering Individuals Network (WIN)
PO Box 6068
Pahrump NV 89041-6068
Website: RV Singles


In addition to these groups for singles, some of the general recreational vehicle related groups have chapters or sub-groups for singles.

Some RVing groups restrict membership based on personal factors, such as age, marital status, or travel companions. Other RV clubs restrict membership based the type, brand, or age of recreational vehicle.

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