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Slow Cookers in RVs


Hi - I am contemplating taking my slow cooker (heavy as it is) with us on a six month snow-birding 5th wheel trip. Has anyone done this and used the cooker?

If so, what should I be aware of or plan for regarding its usage? I'm thinking of putting a meal on at bedtime and with a power source it should be ready before departure the next day. Hence a cooked meal only requiring warm-up for lunch? Realistic or not?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Hi Caron,

I can't imagine RVing without my Crock-Pot. I think you'll find the convenience of a slow cooker and those home cooked meals well worth the weight of the cooker.

While getting ready to head out in the morning, try wrapping the hot cooker with a thick towel and putting a folded up towel over the top. Then, put the entire thing in your sink. You may find that you don't even need to reheat that lunch. The towel insulates it and keeps the food hot. The slow cookers that latch for transporting to pot-lucks are ideal for this.

I use my Crock-Pot when the RV is parked for the day. Fill it in the morning and dinner is ready at dinner time, regardless of how busy I've been. We can go off sight-seeing and not worry about being home in time to fix a hot meal.

Because of safety concerns, I do not cook in my slow cooker while traveling. Other people think it is okay to do so. I can see where it would be convenient to have a hot meal ready when you stop for the night. But, I'm not comfortable with the idea.

You didn't mention where ore what time of year you will be traveling. If you are going when or where it is hot outside, you may want to use your cooker outside. In hot weather, I'll often set mine up on the picnic table, so that I don't add any extra heat to the RV.

Enjoy your adventure! And, maybe you will share some of the slow cooker recipes you use on your trip.

Joy and prosperity,

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Comments for Slow Cookers in RVs

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Slow Cookers for RV Cooking
by: Jay Gentner Sr.

Can't be without one. Actually my wife, Patti, has several small ones. We're work campers, so on days we work, Patti puts the cover down over the stove and sets up two or three crock pots. She puts the meat on before work, then adds other things to the other pots during her breaks. When we're done for the day, we have dinner waiting.

The only draw back is our four "kids". Our four dogs like to beg, but that's another story. LMDO!!!

Get a Crockpot with a Timer
by: MariSili

I have tried various appliances and found the crockpot most useful. If buying a new one, look for one with a timer.

We put our crockpot on when we leave and don't have to worry about it being on too long if we don't make it back in time. We put the crockpot on a table outside.

Prefer Pressure Cooker to Slow Cooker
by: Anonymous

I find my electric pressure cooker to be far better and a lot faster. Within a very short time, all is finished, and most important, I will be near the pressure cooker for problems. I have had an electric fire in an RV to find nothing but a pile of ash when I returned.

12 Volt Slow Cooker
by: Debbie

I heard there is a slow cooker that can be plugged into a cig lighter and one can carry the cooker in the car/truck while driving to one's next destination. Therefor, it will be ready to eat when one arrives.

Is it Safe?
by: Barb H

I like the idea of cooking overnight and reheating at mealtime. Is it really safe to "keep it hot" as you suggested? Does it stay hot enough to prevent food poisoning becoming a possibility?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Barb, thanks for asking that question. It is important. Food safety experts seem to agree that food held at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, is safe for several hours. Test it with a metal probed food thermometer to verify the food has maintained a high enough temp.

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No Slow Cooker for Me
by: Anonymous

Never, never would I have a slow cooker running in my 5th wheel during the day when I'm away.

I have an electric pressure cooker. I leave every item for dinner in zip lock bags, then when I return, put into the pressure cooker. Within about 15 to 20 min., my dinner is finished.

If you ever have a fire in your home on wheels caused by a electric cooking device, you would not leave your wheels with a slow cooker running. ~ Ms. Anita D.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Anita, so sorry to hear about your fire. I can surely understand why you are scared.

Was your fire caused by a slow cooker or by some other cooking appliance?

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Slow Cooker
by: Anonymous

When we packed up and moved full time into an RV the crock pot was donated because we thought it would take up too much space (and the fact that it sat up in a cupboard seldom used at home). I used the smoker/grill for nearly all meat and I'm still a charcoal person.

As campground hosts at a busy campground, even though the work wasn't hard, there were many nights dinner just didn't happen. A great many campers come in late afternoon/early evening, so that's when you're busiest.

One day while shopping in Wal-Mart, I saw meals that were already prepared to go in the crockpot, and decided to try one (of course, I had to buy a crockpot). The meals were delicious, too.

Now, even though I won't be going back to work as a camp host until the end of April, I know I'll be able to throw something in the crock pot in the morning and have something all ready when we squeeze in that 1/2 hour to eat dinner. Before, that was just long enough to get the coals hot (which on many occasions went out before I could use them, and dinner turned into a can of soup or salami, cheese and crackers, if that).

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