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Solar Electric for RVers: RV Solar System for Electricity Independence

Solar electric on our RV lets us use our electric appliances and tools without a generator and without plugging into shore power. Our solar panels and the rest of our photovoltaic solar system rock.

Solar Electric Gives Us Electrical Freedom While RVing

In the following articles, we share our experiences with solar power. We love getting our electricity from the sun, along with the freedom it gives us in RVing.

NexGen Batteries: Our Experience with Lithium Ion Batteries in Our RV The NexGen batteries we bought for our motorhome are working well. We are finding these lithium ion batteries have advantages over deep cycle, 12-volt lead-acid batteries commonly used in RVs.

The Magic of Solar Panels: Bob's True Fairytale RVing and Photovoltaics Story Solar panels play a big part in our full-time RVing independence. Here's Bob's story -- written as a fairy tale, but very true -- of how we became full-timers and how we started with a solar system.

Solar Panels: What Do I Really Need in a Photovoltaic System for RV Electricity?
Solar panels and a photovoltaic system are amazing. Use them to maintain your batteries in the off-season, to supplement while occasionally boondocking, or for a full time stand-alone electric system.

Solar Power: Celebrating 25 Years of Electricity from the Sun Free electricity from the sun! It was 25 years ago this month that we got our first solar system. It went on the first travel trailer we used for full-time RVing. We are still using most of those components today.

Harbor Freight Solar Panels: An Inexpensive Energy Boost to Our RV Solar System Harbor Freight solar panels are working! We recently purchased a solar kit with a set of three panels, and installed them on our motorhome. They are giving us more electricity. They were inexpensive.

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