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We Sold Our Motorhome, But Our RVing Adventures Continue

We sold our motorhome this week. No, we haven't given up RVing. We still own two travel trailers. We're just making some changes, and room for something new. It's another leg of our RVing adventures.

Our motorhome was vintage. That's the fancy way of saying it was old. It was a 1982 Tioga Class C. It was on the small side, 22 feet long.

We bought it after we got to Alaska back in 2001. When we decided to stay that first winter, we put our travel trailer in a campground, skirted it, and prepared it for winter. That meant we didn't have an RV there that was readily available to hit the road. So, we bought the motorhome.

It served us well for trips around Alaska. We took it from Seward to Valdez, and from Soldotna to Fairbanks and North Pole. It worked out wonderfully for going to car races in Wasilla or fishing in Homer.

But, we really hadn't planned on taking it on a 14,000 mile trek from Alaska to southern Texas and back. Until that day last October, when we woke up one morning, and asked, "Why not take the motorhome?"

And so we were off. The trip from our house in Alaska to our Port Isabel, Texas, destination was 7,512 miles. Yes, we zig-zagged some to get there.

We lived in the motorhome all winter. This was our first experience living for an extended time in a motorhome. It was the first time we couldn't leave the RV in a campground and take just the driving vehicle to run errands or go sight-seeing. It worked out very well for us, better than I expected.

We drove the motorhome back to South Dakota this spring. That brought the mileage of this trip, so far, up to about 10,500 miles. As the saying goes, "the old girl wasn't getting any younger."

We were seeing more and more signs of wear and wearing out. Gas prices escalated, and the Tioga's fuel mileage wasn't very good. We still have about 3600 miles to go before we get home. We have a 29 foot Holiday Rambler travel trailer here, one that we've had stored since we went to Alaska, that we could move into. And, we have our Wildwood travel trailer up in Alaska.

So, we sold our motorhome and bought a used S-10 Blazer. Actually, we traded.

It certainly seems odd to now go somewhere without having everything with us. All winter, I didn't need to give any thought to needing a jacket -- I knew I had one in the motorhome. I didn't need to think about whether or not I needed to take my computer when we went somewhere, or whether I had the grocery list with me. I loved that convenience.

I have pages and pages of notes that I've taken since we left Soldotna in October about the trials and tribulations, and the joys, and the maintenance, of traveling cross county in a small, old, class C motorhome. It's been a very good experience.

It's now time for new experiences. We may make the trip back to Alaska in the S-10 Blazer. But, I'm keeping my eyes open for a used conversion van, camper van, or Class B motorhome. We haven't been RVing in one of them… yet.

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