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Starvin' Marvin's and a Comedy Show

Your RV Life and Travel Editor, Coleen
(An Excellent Seafood Buffet and a Show Just for Us!)

The Seafood Buffet at Starvin' Marvin's

The Seafood Buffet at Starvin' Marvin's

The highlight of today was Starvin' Marvin's seafood buffet. Eating out as we weave our way across the country is one of the fun parts of travel. We usually aim for local cafes or regional specialties. Branson seems to be the land of the buffet. Starvin' Marvin's is family owned, with three generations of the Rogers family working the business. Crab legs, frog legs, clam strips, crayfish, boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, fried catfish, and baked tilapia, along with BBQ ribs and fried chicken tenders.... Add to that a salad bar, potatoes and gravies, vegetables, hush puppies, fried okra, and more. And, it ended with warm cobblers, one bubbling over with apples and the other oozing with a berry filling, topped with vanilla ice cream.

Entertainment followed the meal. We hadn't planned on this show. There was no charge for it. It was a one-man comedy. And, it was just for us! On our way towards the door, the concierge stopped us. In other words, we were hustled by the fast-talking, joke telling, salesman promoting what seemed to be every restaurant, show, and tourist attraction in town. We laughed at his corny jokes. (How can you tell a dogwood tree? By its bark.) We looked at each other and chuckled right along as he went from spiel to spiel, barely stopping to take a breath. Oh, the money he could save us -- the more we spent, the more we'd save! And, these deals were just for us! (Except that he couldn't remember Bob's name and I don't think he ever did figure out mine.) Had we been in the wrong mood, it would have been annoying; tonight, it was amusing.

day started out with coffee and listening to the weekly training conference call from our Watkins leaders We are not retired. We work while RVing.

I fixed sausage and egg sandwiches, fruitcake, milk, and coffee for breakfast. We did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen together.

We have what we call our "Weekly Maintenance List." It's a list of things we need to do each week, to keep our household running smoothly. We tackled the to-do items on that list today.

Bob headed out to do laundry. There's a comforter and extra towels to wash. Dewey, our cat upchucked on the bed last night. Sorry, don't mean to be gross. But, things like that happen while RVing, just as they do when living in an ordinary house. The campground where we are staying has a laundry facility.

I spent time on the computer, some for business, and some for fun. I checked Facebook and our websites, did some writing and marketing, and answered email. I ordered Christmas presents -- probably no surprise that we give Watkins products and Jerky Direct jerky

Walking our dog, NeeMo, is always part of our day. We went down to the creek to watch the ducks and geese. The Mallards iridescent-green heads nearly glowed in the sunlight.

Afternoon included running a couple errands. Bob needed a few things from TSC for motorhome repair projects he is doing. We went to the grocery store. Then, we went to an early dinner at Starvin' Marvin's. Back home at the campground, we looked through the tourist attraction brochures. We both had computer time. Bob read a book. The evening passed quickly. Another day of RV living comes to a close.

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