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Tag Number

(a website visitor asks...)

Tag number… What is it? Where is it? When are you required to know or show it for a 5th wheel?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

Some people refer to their vehicle license plate number as a "tag number." Instead of getting a license plate, they say they are getting "a tag." Or, instead of saying they are getting their vehicle registration renewed, they'll say they are getting their tags renewed. I think it is a regional thing.

It may have come about because we seldom actually get new license plates anymore. Instead, we get a sticker with the expiration date on it. Some folks call those stickers "tags."

As on other trailers, you'll find them only on the back end of fifth wheels. State laws typically require that they be clean enough to see, that the numbers can be read by someone behind you. I believe they also need to be lit.

You'll likely need to know your license plate number when you are getting or renewing your insurance. You'll also likely need to know it when you check in at a campground or motel. (Yes, RVers, both those driving motorhomes and those towing trailers, do check into motels.) You may also need it for some parking situations.

It's also possible that someone saying, "tag number" is referring to the vehicle registration. This is the paper shower the vehicle information that you are supposed
to keep with the vehicle at all times. It also has information about the vehicle's owner.

You may need to show the registration to law enforcement as proof that the vehicle is properly registered to be on the road. It may also help to identify you as the vehicle's owner. Your insurance company may also want a copy of it.

And, this really has nothing to do with the vehicle or driving it, but a vehicle registration is sometimes required or accepted as a form of identification. For instance, in setting up a mail forwarding account, they typically require multiple forms of ID. I think it can also be used as an ID when purchasing a firearm.

It can also sometimes be used to help establish residency. Some utility companies, and businesses such as satellite TV services, may require proof that you live in a particular place. Being able to show your car registration, with your name and address on it, may satisfy that requirement.

While most people who own a fifth wheel trailer also own a truck to tow with, not everyone does. Some fifth wheel owners rely on a moving service or a friend to relocate their RV seasonally or whenever the need to move it arises. It is instances like these, where there is no tow vehicle, that the fifth wheel registration and tag number are especially helpful.

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