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Telephones in Campgrounds

Angel asks....
(Landline Service at the Individual RV Sites)

I am curious if you know of any campgrounds that have a landline hook-up for the phone? Thank you.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Hi Angel,

Yes, some campgrounds and RV parks do have landline telephone hook-ups at the RV sites.

Sometimes, it is a live line that the campground turns on when you get there. The service is available immediately upon checking into the park. If there is a charge, you pay it directly to the campground. Some charge higher rates for the sites that have phone service. Others charge you for it only if you ask to have the service turned on. With these, you do not need to contact the phone company to arrange for the service.

Other parks, typically at destination parks or parks where you lease a site, the lines are there, but you arrange to have the service turned on directly with the phone company. With these, it is up to you to contact the phone company and the phone account is set up in your name. When you leave, you need to have the service disconnected. You pay the telephone company directly, and you may be required to pay a deposit.

I cannot tell you which campgrounds have landlines. You could probably find that in a campground directory.

What we've seen over the years is that as more people wanted internet access, landlines at the sites became more popular. That was back in the day of dial-up connections! Now, with so many people using cell phones, and with wifi internet connections common, we're seeing fewer parks with lanline phone service at the sites.

Joy and prosperity,

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