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The Homer Spit

Coleen, your RVing editor while in Alaska
(The Homer Boat Harbor, Fishing Lagoon, and Salty Dog Saloon)

Tho Homer Boat Harbor

Tho Homer Boat Harbor

Homer, Alaska, is on the Kenai Peninsula. The Homer Spit at the end of the road. It is literally at the end of the Sterling Highway. Homer is home to artists, hippies, and fisherman.

We usually stay at the city campground when we go to Homer. There is one at the entrance to The Spit. There's another one further out on the spit, adjacent to the fishing hole. It is quite appropriately named, "The Fishing Hole Campground."

The fishing hole is officially The Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon. But, I've never heard a local call it that, and I'm guessing, many wouldn't know it by that name. The state stocks it with salmon. Bob caught his first King Salmon there our first summer in Alaska.

The fishing hole is a good spot for eagle watching. The eagle in the picture here is feasting on a salmon carcass. There's a fish- cleaning table nearby. The eagles and the sea gulls consider the fish waste receptacle their common buffet.

The Salty Dawg Saloon is an icon on the Homer Spit. On warm summer days, people stop in for a cold one. On overcast days, people go there to get out of the dreariness. On foggy days, folks go there to wait for the fog to life. On any other kind of day, people go there.... Watch what people are wearing, and it sometimes looks as though the Salty Dawg sells more t-shirts and sweatshirts than it does beer and whiskey.

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