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The Real "It" in "Home Is Where You Park It"

Coleen, your RVing editor
(One Way to Tell if Full-Time RVing May be Right for You)

You've heard that phrase, "Home is where you park it." Until recently, I thought that referred to the recreational vehicle and where the RV was parked. It made sense, because when I'm in my RV, I feel at home. It doesn't matter if it's here in Alaska where we are legally domiciled or if it is while traveling in Florida, Texas, Wyoming, or elsewhere.

I now believe the real "it" in that phrase is my behind.

Bob and I needed to be in Anchorage for much of the week, sans RV. We'd be out doing our business for a while, and then return to the motel. Each time, Bob asked if we had any more stops to make or what I wanted to do next. By the end of the week, I realized my rely was always along the line of, "I'm ready to go home." And, I was referring to the motel room.

I am "at home" wherever I am parked. More accurately, I am "at home" wherever Bob and I are parked. This could be one of the main reasons RVing works out so well for us. "Home" is where we are living our life together. It isn't about the house, whether RV or traditional sticks 'n bricks.

Prospective RVers talk about being anxious and scared of the many changes going full-time RVing will mean for them. I never "got it" before. I think this experience helped me to understand. Some folks think of "home" as a building. Some think of "home" as a geographical community, their "home town." But for me, home is my respite, the place where I am nurtured. That difference in thinking is huge.

Every once in a while, there are quizzes that make the rounds that are supposed to determine if you will like full-time RVing or not. I always fail those tests. Always. Miserably. Big time. Yet, I love full-time RVing. The reason is that they address superficial things such as whether or not you are mechanical.

The questions should be about your thoughts of "home." If "home" for you is tied to a building or a community, then there's a good chance you won't like full-time RVing. However, if "home" is that place where you relax and recharge, where you let down your guard and feel safe and loved, then I expect that you would adapt very well to the full-time RVing lifestyle.

Yes, home is where you park it.

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Discussing retirement homes
by: Ukibabsia

My friends and I were discussing choices of retirement homes for the future.

Well last week I went out to buy mine. I purchased a Ford 250 diesel and a new 5th wheel travel trailer. I'll be damed to pay 2000-3000 per month for a retirement home and wait to die.

Our regrets in life are not the things we have done but the things we have not done. Parking my new home where my heart takes me will definitely be a challenge I'm looking forward to. I hope to meet some crazy grandmothers like me!

You Are So Right
by: Mary

That is so right. Home is where you park it -whether that is an rv at a park, a motel room, a sticks and stone house or just a spot of land out in the woods or by a lake in a tent. Home is where you are comfortable, happy and content with life. I think that is why we have been able to convert from living in a house to an apartment to an RV to a mobile home and next? It is where we are together and enjoying life.
Doesn't matter whether we have a lot of money or things or just a few as long as we are together and enjoying life we are content and we are HOME.

Definition of Home
by: Debbie Wakeley

Your comments are so true! I am single, but home for me IS the place I can relax, recharge and feel safe (and have my pets). I've always said I'm particularly well-suited to full-time RVing because I'm a homebody who likes to travel. (And yes, I always flunk those quizzes about being suited to full-time RV life as well.)

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