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Toot Family Band: Ooty, Pooty, and Sister Cutie Had the Crowd in Tears

The Toot Family band members Ooty Toot, Pooty Toot, and Sister Cutie Toot took turns telling jokes and singing. The crowd was in tears, laughing at this week's entertainment at the RV park.

Toot Family Band ComediansToot Family Band: Ooty, Pooty, and Sister Cutie Entertain at Port Isabel Park Center

During the winter months, they entertain throughout the Rio Grande Valley. You can also find them at their Chicken House Opry in Mission, Texas. Summer months, you'll find them at their Fiddler's Valley RV Resort, Mountain View, Arkansas

You might also find Pooty billed as Bob "Punjo" Reed. Some know Sister Cutie as Lucy Jackson. By either of their names, they along with Ooty are professional comedians and musicians.

I found a picture of the band that also includes brothers Cooty and Tooty.

As the pictures here suggest, the Toot Family band performs country and old time music. Many of the jokes are old time, too -- and still funny.

Toot Family BandOoty, Pooty, and Sister Cutie of the Toot Family Band Brought the RVers to Tears of Laughter

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