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Travelling in Cold Weather

(Dick asks...)

When travelling in cold weather, is the vehicle heater sufficient to heat the motor home or do you use the propane system? We have a Fleetwood South Wind motorhome that we just bought this year.

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Traveling with the RV Furnace
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

Hi Dick,

The vehicle's dash heater is probably not going to keep your motorhome warm while you are driving.

You will find some folks who tell you that for safety reasons you should not use your propane heating system when you are traveling down the road. They will also tell you that you shouldn't use your propane refrigerator while you are traveling either. They may be right.

However, when it comes down to what most people actually do, I think most run the motorhome furnace. If you are traveling with water in your tanks, running the furnace is the usual way to keep it from freezing.

You will find some RVers come up will all sorts of alternatives. Some put up blankets behind the driver's and front passenger seats to keep the dash heat up front. Some run their generators and then use electric space heaters. Fans of ceramic heaters say using them is best. I can't believe any of these are any safer or better options.

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