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(Debbie asks...)

Anyone know where to look for jobs while travelling and living in the RV? My husband and I have just got a motorhome and are looking for travelling jobs or security on site jobs in Canada. Does anyone know a good place to look?

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Work for Travellers
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

Hi Debbie,

Go to our Workers On Wheels website.

There you will find:

~ Help Wanted classified ads from people wanting to hire RVers
~ Work Wanted section where you can post an ad looking for work, free
~ Resume section, where you can post your resume, free
~ E-mail newsletter, sent out weekly, that you can subscribe to free
~ Lots of articles for working RVers
~ Question and Answer section, where you can ask any questions you have related to working while RVing
~ Employer profiles about businesses and organizations that hire RVers
~ Book and magazine reviews and leads to other sources of working RVer info
~ All sorts of work camper news and information

Workamper News
by: Barb

We have been full-timing for 23+ years, the majority of that time we've been working full-timers. Before Workamper News, we would get jobs, mainly in campgrounds, by contacting and applying to a lot of campgrounds in the area where we wanted to be, and we were usually successful. Now, however, we frequently line up our job through Workamper News, which lists jobs state-by-state through out the US. Although on occasion, we will fall back on the old way and go to an area during their high tourism season and apply at likely places, again, we're usually successful.

We've done a wide range of jobs, not always campground work. Somr jobs, just long enough to know we would never do it again. Our philosophy is: You can put up with almost anything for 4-5 months.

Good luck, don't get discouraged. You'll find your groove.

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