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Triple Towing

(Clyde K. asks,,, )

Do you know what states that you cannot do a triple tow? Such as a trailer and a small trailer behind our self contained trailer? I understand that there are some states that do not allow this, but not sure which ones.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Clyde,

Some states regulate towing according to the overall length of your rig.

Some prohibit triple towing completely.

Here's a link to a website that has a table showing towing laws in the various states.

There's discussion (controversy) over whether the correct term is "triple towing" or "double towing." I bring this up because it is something to keep in mind as you review the towing regulations.

Also, please keep in mind that just because it may be legal to tow two trailers doesn't mean it is safe to do so.

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My $0.02 worth
by: Dwight

I'm a former truck driver. If I was pulling 2 trailers, I was pulling doubles. If 3 trailers, that's triples. It's determined by the NUMBER of TRAILERS you're pulling. Yes, laws do vary greatly from state to state, especially in regards to total overall vehicle length.

Also, remember that the largest and heaviest trailer is always the first one to hitch up, and the shortest and lightest trailer is always the last one to hitch up. Deviating from that can lead to disaster. I know that may seem obvious, but some people do get detrimentally creative.

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