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Tunnels and RVs

(an RVer asks...)

Can a recreational vehicle legally go into a tunnel? I've heard that RVs aren't allowed in tunnels and must take detours. I've also heard it is okay if I turn all my propane off. Which is correct?

Reply from Coleen, the RVing editor:

It depends - when, where, how much propane you have, and the size of the recreational vehicle.

In many places, yes, you can use the tunnels. They typically require that propane be turned off. There may be other restrictions, also.

Some tunnels prohibit propane altogether. These seem to be more prevalent in the northeast.

Know your RV's height, including any storage pods or other items on top. Know the width, including the mirrors. Know the length, including the bumpers.

A trucker's atlas should be helpful. Following the truck routes may make things easier.

There may be an extra tunnel fee if your RV is taller or wider than a specified measure. The reason for this is that they may need to stop on-coming traffic so that you can drive down the center of the tunnel.

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Comments for Tunnels and RVs

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by: Anonymous

We have driven through many tunnels with no problems. No one asked a thing.

Just know how tall the RV is and how wide, so you will fit.

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