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Unmetered RV Hook-ups

(Metered or Unmetered RV Electric)

For RV hook-ups, what does unmetered mean? I see campground ads for unmetered hook-ups and I don't know how they are different from regular ones. They look to be more expensive. Why?

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

It has to do with how the RV park charges you for the electricity you use. Some parks charge a flat rate that is for your site and all of your utilities. Others charge you for the actual amount of electricity you use.

In a park with unmetered electricity, everyone with the same amp hook-ups pays the same. There may be different charges for those who get a site with 30 amp hook-ups compared to those who get a site with 50 amp hook-ups.

The guy with the big motorhome running two air conditioners, an electric water heater, an electric washer and dryer, an electric icemaker, a convection oven and bread maker, and assorted electronics is using a lot of power. Conversely, the conservative RVer using a fan, a propane water heater, and cooking on his propane stove isn't using much. But, if the park has unmetered hook-ups, they both pay the same.

With metered electric, there is an electric meter at each site. It measures the electricity that particular RVer is using. He's charged according to how many kilowatts he uses. Those who use more, pay for more.

One way or another, the campground owner needs to cover his power costs. With unmetered electric, the RVer who isn't using as much is subsidizing the one who uses more. And, the campground owner needs to charge more for these sites, because he doesn't know how much power is going to be used. Additionally, when the electric is unmetered, many RVers use more of it than if it is metered and they are paying for what they use.

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