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Vehicle Registration

(Ivan asks...)

In regards to my vehicle registration, how long can I stay in a state? As a full-time RVer, is there any limit to how long I can stay in a particular state without having to register my vehicle in that state?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

It depends, partly on which state and on what you are doing there. If you are there on vacation, the rules are often different than if you are there for employment.

If you go to the official website for the state in question, you should be able to find a page or section on motor vehicle registration. There's usually a FAQ page or an information page that explains how that particular state views things.

Your stated intent may play a big part in whether or not you are required to get vehicle tags within a certain time frame. If you are there for employment, it might be as little as 10 to 30 days. If you are there as a tourist, it may be as long as six months or more.

Worth noting, too, is that some states (or areas) enforce the time limits more strictly than others.

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