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Veterinarian Care.... Finding an Emergency Vet, this Time in Lafayette, LA

Emergency veterinarian care…. You're RVing and have a sick pet that needs help ASAP. In that situation, here's how we found a vet clinic and animal hospital with a caring staff and excellent doctors.

As we head out of the campground, I turn on my cell phone. It's a "smart phone" that lets me access the Internet, as well as having other assorted functions that I seldom use. I Google, "Lafayette LA veterinarian." Up come the listings. We recognize the general area of some of the addresses and head that direction. I fumble with the mapping functions, trying to give Bob directions.

The phone says we should be there, but there's no sign of a vet clinic. Bob turns down a side street where we see a couple of teenagers walking, he rolls down the window and yells to them, asking if there is a vet clinic around. They look worried, perhaps reflecting the fear they see in our faces, and give us directions to a veterinarian's office about two blocks away. We find the Acadiana Veterinary Clinic.

And that is how we chose the veterinarian service we used this winter when we were in Lafayette.

Daisy, it turns out, had canine vestibular disease. It's an old age problem and she's a 13-year old mixed breed. A shot of antibiotics. Some tests. A few days in the pet hospital. Some prednisone and anti-dizziness medicine. A couple weeks time and a couple of check-ups later, she's doing pretty good.

Oh, and a few swipes of the credit card -- can't forget that important part! We don't have pet insurance. Understandably, most animal clinics expect payment at the time they provide the services. Fortunately these days, most take credit cards.

Unfortunately, we also had to make another trip back to the vet. While Daisy was still hospitalized, we lost Booger Boy. He was our much loved old cat. He'd been part of our family for 16 years and he wasn't a kitten when we got him. We knew that he'd been in kidney failure for a couple of years, so this was no surprise. But, it still hurts to face the inevitable. The signs all came together that morning, his eyes were glassed over, he didn't use his litter box, his front leg was limp, and he didn't purr when I held him. We took him into the clinic, knowing it would be the last time we'd see him. The doctor said a prayer as she euthanized him.

They made a clay plaque for us, with his footprint. As we were leaving, they gave us the plaque, his tags, and collar in a little gift set. We later received a sympathy card, signed by the doctors, the vet technicians, and the office staff of the Acadiana Vet Clinic.

We were lucky to have found a caring and competent team to care for our four-legged kids. The waiting area and the exam rooms looked clean and smelled fresh. When we had an emergency, they saw us right away with no waiting. When we had follow-up appointments, they were on schedule. We saw two doctors at the clinic and both of them were excellent in explaining things to us, as were the vet techs. The prices they charged were reasonable. Parking was adequate for our 22-foot motorhome; if you are in a longer RV, it may be somewhat difficult, but should still be possible. We highly recommend them.

Acadiana Veterinary Clinic
Poirrier Renee A., DVM
Tanya Mestayer, DVM
101 Idlewood Blvd.
Lafayette, LA 70506
Ph: 337-981-8387

Is this the best way to find a veterinarian when you are new in town, don't know your way around, and don't have time to ask for recommendations? That I can't say. But, sometimes when RVing we need to make decisions that are practical and doable. For this time, at least, it worked well.

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