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We Have a Plan for Full-timing

John and Carol and Jass the Chocolate Lab

I got Carol hooked on camping big time with the help of her best friend and hubby last 4th. They invited us to join them at Fort Pickins, Florida, in their 5th wheel. Brand new and very nice, Carol thought I was joking when I said we would cook breakfast outside the first morning. Well we did; she loved it.

On the way home I told her I wanted to get a camper. Hadn't had one in 20 years. She said, "Let's do it." So, we found one 25 foot travel trailer. Great fun.

But, in my online search, I found out about working camper couples. Wow! I started reading the blogs and the help wanted ads. After a month or so, I told Carol about it. Got her attention fast.

The more we read, the more we talked, the more we wanted to do this. We decide to go for it.

First off, we wanted a bigger RV. She wanted one to drive, not pull. We started looking at Class C's, then went to Class A's. She fell in love. We found a great deal on a Class A Holiday Rambler 2000, gas, two slides, and 28,000 miles on Cragslist, in New Orleans, Louisiana. We tried to get a loan, but it was no go. The loan company said we had to get rid of our travel trailer and that loan first. Okay, it's up for sale.

Hey, someone wants to buy it a month later. Great! Gave me a check for the down, said he would bring the rest in two weeks. No problem. I'll just keep the travel trailer and hold the check.

Called the loan company and told them I had the travel trailer sold, and the Class A is still for sale. So, as of Saturday, I now had the first part of my plan in place.

But, the guy backed out on the travel trailer sale. Now, I had two RV's and two payments. Ouch. That hurts.

On to part two of the plan. Get that travel trailer sold and gone fast. Start selling our stuff we don't need and can't take. Sell the house and live in the motorhome until all the bills are paid and a nice nest egg is in the bank. Then, we'd send out resumes, find a position we like that pays, quite our jobs, and haul a... And, start having a blast on the road.

So are we missing something here? I figure about two years before we can hit the road. We are both 55 and don't want to sit on the poach and grow old.

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Dec 18, 2012
Good Going.
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you are well on the road to full time RV'ing. Congratulations. It is a great lifestyle. We have been full timing for over a year now, and we have never been happier. Good luck and happy trails.

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