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What Do RVers Do All Day?

Your RV Life and Travel Editor, Coleen
(Life As We Live It ... on the road with Coleen and Bob)

Enjoying the Christmas Season in Branson, MO

Enjoying the Christmas Season in Branson, MO

I had a good chat with a friend this weekend. He's back in Alaska. Bob and I are in the Branson, Missouri, area, living in our motorhome. As we visited, the same question surfaced over and over again: What do you do all day?

Harold and Shannon have had RVs over the years -- a renovated school bus, a pick-up camper, and now, a fifth wheel trailer. They go to a nearby lake for a weekend. They take the grand kids camping for a few days. They've done some RV vacationing.

But, now, as Harold nears retirement, Shannon is talking about spending long bouts of time RVing. She'd like to take off and travel. To leave Alaska and tour the Lower 48. But that nagging question keeps coming back to Harold: What would I do all day?

He tells me about their camping trips.... He relaxes. He reads. He eats. He takes a nap.

Sure, he enjoys it. But he knows he could only do that for a short time before going stir crazy. And that brings the conversation back to him asking me again, "What do you do all day?"

As full-time RVers, and now, extended-time RVers, the concern Bob and I have is just the opposite. We don't have enough time. We have regular family and household obligations. We have work. We have all these neat things we want to see and do -- if only we had the time.

So, just what do we do with our time? Back when we first started this RV Life and Travel website, the idea was to share our life as full-time RVers. As the years passed, we drifted away from doing that. I think it is because our life as full-timers became routine to us.

Now, thanks to Harold's questions, we are getting back to our RV-writing roots. We're going to be sharing more of our everyday life as RVers with you -- both the glamorous and the ordinary. As I am writing this piece, Bob is writing an article about fixing the motorhome roof. Stay tuned. As the tagline of our "RV Life and Travel Newsletter" reads, we're back to sharing "Life As We Live It ... on the road with Coleen and Bob."

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