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What I Did Today - Bob's Version

Your RV Life and Travel Editor's Husband, Bob
(The RVing Husband Shares His Day)

Our New-to-Us, LazyDaze Class C Motorhome

Our New-to-Us, LazyDaze Class C Motorhome

What do RVers do all day? My husband, Bob, knows we've had people asking that question and he offered to help me answer it. Here, he shares with you what he did yesterday. ~Coleen, the RV Life and Travel Editor.

I woke up this morning and made a quick trip to the bathroom. I stood to the side of the hallway so Coleen could get out of the far side of the bed. I rolled back in while she did her thing, got dressed, started coffee, and started checking things on the computer. I later got up, dressed, fed the cat, fed the dog, gave the cat his insulin shot, gave Coleen a hug, and took NeeMo the dog out.

NeeMo waddled a little down toward the creek, stopped and P’ed. Now he headed toward the creek to look for some excitement. We saw two herons across the creek just as they took off and flew away. NeeMo is getting old, and may not have seen the herons, but he got me out to see them, so he gets credit for them. We walked down by an area that had recently been flooded. NeeMo did a lot of sniffing and was awfully interested in everything close to the ground. I wanted to go back to the motor home and have breakfast; NeeMo wanted to amble further and explore. I took control and we headed back.

We got back and settled in while Coleen made eggs, sausage, toast, coffee, oranges, and milk for breakfast. We ate leisurely, watching neighbors and squirrels moving about out the window. NeeMo was ready to go out again, and after a short walk, I hooked him outside the motor home. I went in and helped with the dishes.

Coleen gave me a kiss and went to the clubhouse for a long hot shower. I scooped the cat box and took the scooping and household garbage to the dumpster. I dug the Dirt Devil out from under the seat and crawled around the motor home floor vacuuming the carpet. When I finished, I took the vacuum bag to the dumpster, and emptied and shook it out. I put the vacuum away, and settled the house just as Coleen got home. I got a big hug, and praise for my good work.

Coleen settled in to work on the websites and do computer work.

I went outside to work on the new-to-us motor home. I started with replacing the exterior light over the door. The plastic housing had become brittle, cracked, and broken. First I got help and moved a sturdy picnic table over to stand on. I removed the old light fixture, scraped away the sealant, and cleaned the area with a ScotchBrite pad. I used new connectors and hooked up the wires. I checked to see that the light worked before I mounted the light with new screws. I sealed the
top and the two sides to keep water out, leaving the bottom unsealed to allow any moisture a drainage route at the bottom.

While I was on the table, I tightened screws along the outside of the motorhome, and scraped old putty tape that had oozed out of joints. I did this for quite some time, working toward the front, and around the front corner until I discovered an area that needed several screws replaced with larger ones. I replaced screws until I ran out. Since I had only planned to replace the light, I decided to put away and continue the job another day when I had more screws.

Now, I moved inside and hung some towel racks that we had gotten five or six weeks back, and never put up. One of the towel racks we are using for a curtain rod, so I took down a damaged rail, sliders, and curtain before I put the towel rack up. While I was in the mood to work inside, I mounted three magazine racks.

We had just purchased this motor home, gotten it road worthy, and shoved off to visit mothers and other relatives up north before it got too cold. Now, there are a lot of things that need doing to make this RV our home.

The sun is low so I put my tools away, while I could see without a flashlight. I also cleaned off the picnic table I had been working on. I cleaned it better than it was before I began my project.

I had a curtain rail, some sliders, and a seat belt that I took over to the exchange table at the clubhouse. This is where you can drop off stuff you don’t want to throw away, but don’t want to haul around in your RV. People can take stuff if they need it and leave a donation.

When I got back to the motor home, Coleen and I discussed dinner. I would take NeeMo for a little walk, while she finished up and put dinner on the table. NeeMo and I had a good little walk and got back to a table ready for the evening meal. We had a good meal, discussing the day and tomorrow.

NeeMo and I stepped out for a short bit after eating. We got back in time for me to dry dishes and put them away. Earlier, Coleen had mentioned someone had written that he didn’t know what he would do if he went full time RVing. So, here I am, in the clubhouse writing down what I did today. When I finish, I will take NeeMo out again, because a content dog is usually quiet, and quiet dogs are more welcome in RV parks. I'll also need to give Dewey the cat another shot of insulin. Then to bed, read a while, cuddle in with Coleen, and go to sleep.

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