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What I See in My Front Yard - Port Lavaca

Your RV Life and Travel Editor's Husband, Bob
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Beach Side RV Camping Near Port Lavaca, Texas

Beach Side RV Camping Near Port Lavaca, Texas

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and we’re parked at a free beachside park near Port Lavaca, Texas. I’m sitting at a concrete picnic table, under a concrete sunshade, watching the world in my front yard. Yes, this is my front yard; I’m staying here a few days before we head farther north.

Three little jetties protect the beach, with waves gently crashing into them. Occasional pelicans fly inches over the crests of the waves. Dozens of seagulls fly and squawk all about.

Out on the water’s edge, there are fishermen. Some cast lures. Some fish with live shrimp under floats. Others use cut bait on the bottom. All are fishing for whatever will bite.

To the one side are three middle age ladies, in lawn chairs. They were enjoying conversation, wine coolers, and the beautiful day.

Down the beach, some men have set up an impromptu horseshoe pit. They are teaching a young fellow how to throw horseshoes. He seems to be catching on quite well.

Several hundred yards out on the water, a huge tanker slowly passed. I think it is on its way to pick up or drop off its load.

A bright orange sailboat goes by. It can also be powered by rowing or by peddling. The lady in the boat is peddling.

Looking back out onto water, out in the other side of the shipping lane, a tugboat and barge pass at a leisurely pace.

Close to shore, a frisky young dog fetches a toy. He bounds with joy, retrieving the toy as his master throws it. They play this game over and over.

Under another of the shelters, a family is grilling hot dogs. They are enjoying an afternoon picnic.

Down on the beach, another group is involved in parasailing. No, no, I guess they are just trying to control their sun canopy in the wind.

Golf carts, motorcycles, and ATV’s pass the campground. A snow cone truck, with its traditional music, ambles past. They stop for some business, including a pineapple snow cone for Coleen and a lime one for me.

All this happens while I sit here, at a picnic table, pecking out this article. I'm enjoying the sights in my front yard.

And then, the sun sets.

Pretty soon, I'll go back to our motorhome. We'll spend the night parked here by the beach.

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