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Why Are You a Full-time RVer?

(Share you reason for moving into your RV and calling it home.)

Why are you a full-time RVer? Just what made you decide to move into a recreational vehicle and call it home? We tend to think that other people do things for the same reason that we do them. But, that's not always the case. Why did you start full-time RVing and why do you continue RVing full-time?

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So the Grown Children Wouldn't Move Back Home
by: Robert F. from CT.

Three years ago my wife an myself sold our belongings and moved into a 35 ft. RV, reason being every time we turned around grown children wanted to move back in with us. We love it, and are moving south very soon. In CT right now, winters too darn cold. Took a bit getting used to, but nothing like living in the woods of CT in the winter; just ready for the warmer weather.

Full-time RVer So I Can Follow the Sun
by: Stacy K.

I'm a full-time RVer so I can follow the sun. I've had enough of cold winters. I don't understand why you'd stay in Alaska in the winter. I like heading to the south in the fall and staying there until spring. In the spring we go north to escape the blazing heat and to visit our grandkids. It's the best of both worlds.

Why I'm a Full-time RVer
by: RWN

A lot of reasons. I don't have a fixed or steady income. Full timing lets me live very inexpensively if I want or need to. I can get work almost any where I am. If I'm not happy or enjoying my work, I can politely quit and move on. {Never burn your bridges behind you.}

I can enjoy new places and people. I can experience new traditions and cultures, like music and food {especially food!}.

My question is, why would someone tie themselves down to one spot, one city, one community, one culture, and the same old food?

Why We'er Full-timers.
by: GB

We did a short sale on our house. The housing market being so volatile in Southern California, we decided that since we have this big ol' RV, we'd just move into it rather than try to buy another house. Our plan is to hit the road full time in a couple years when we retire anyway, so we thought this would be a good way to see if we could actually live in an RV without killing each other. It's turned out to be the best idea we've ever had. My wife and I love the Mo-Ho life and the park we're living in. My advice: if you can swing it, do it. You'll never look back.

Why We're Full-timers
by: Don and Jan

We lived in Hawaii for 20 years and realized we needed to get back to family on the mainland. But where to go? We knew we couldn't take Michigan winters again. We have 90+ year-old parents in Michigan; a daughter and her family in Michigan; sister and families and a brother in Michigan; sister and families in Illinois; daughter and family in Florida, so the idea of full-timing dawned on us. That way, we could be in Florida during the winter and Michigan in the summer and not have to stay in someone's home or a motel when visiting.

We're just into it for 2-1/2 years now. The plus side has been all the places we've been and people we've met. We weren't sure how long we'd be doing this, but we keep adding to our list of must-see places. We're happiest when we're on the move.

Full Time Travlers
by: RPM2004

My wife and I, plus our dog, started our journey in 2004. We sold our home in Illinois and hit the road with our 5th wheel camper, and like many people we left the cold weather and our families and friends behind. The first place we choose was Folkston, Ga.

Our first job of being workcampers we enjoyed it so much that we went back for three more seasons. We realized we wanted to travel other places. We usually go north in spring and southern states in fall. In most cases we just work for our camp site, just a few hours a day per week and get weekends off.

Sure there are times we miss our families and friends. In summers, at least, we are close enough that we can go (home0 now and then to see everyone. We love what we do. Already our managers are asking if we would like to return next fall. And people here (over 55) are so friendly.

Fulltimer to Escape Winters

For me, the reason was simple: to get out of winters. I had talked of becoming "snowbirds" when we retired, for the last 10 years.

When it got close to the actual time, we realized we couldn't afford to keep the house when my husband retired. The past two winters in n.e. South Dakota were horrible. My husband suggested selling the house and living in our MH fulltime.

He retired in Aug. of 2011, and we have loved every minute since. Like a lot of fulltimers, we went south for the winter, and plan on being back in SD for the warm months to be with the kids and grandkids. The beauty of this lifestyle is that even with heading south in winter and back home in summer, we can go to different places, stay as long as we want, and leave when we want. I literally haven't felt so carefree since I was about 10.

Life Has Been Very Good to Us
by: Barb & Tom

My husband was able to retire with full benefits in his late 40s, when the company he worked for closed. A close family member had passed away very young and we realized that no one knows what life will bring. If we wanted to travel and sightsee, and change our lifestyle, this might be the time to do so.

Our kids were on their own, we were healthy and our parents were healthy, so we bought a 5th wheel and rented the house to children of a close family friend (we promised them one year, just in case we didn't like the lifestyle). Twenty-three years later, we're still full-timing, living in our third 5th wheel, and we still have the house (it's been rented all these years to three different families.

Oh, the places we've been, the things we've done, the friends we've made!

We have been able to spend time with kids and friends who live in distant states, in the comfort and privacy of our own home. We still occasionally hear when we're visiting, "Wouldn't you like to sleep in a real bed?" but we cheerfully say, "No, thanks, we're fine!" If we're not happy with the weather or our surroundings, we move.

Now, however, we're planning to downsize our RV to a Class C motorhome and move between our house and the RV, a few month at a time in each.

Some of the people who scoffed at us back then are just now starting full-timing, all these years later!

We have never been spur-of-the-moment people, so this was definitely out-of-character for us, but we've never regretted the decision. It takes courage to make that first step, but nobody makes you sign a contract; you can always go back if you don't' like it -- but I bet you won't go back and you will like it!

Life has been very good to us.
Barb & Tom Cambroto

Going Fulltime to Get Out of Office and Into Sun and Fresh Air
by: Shirley & Ric

After 40 years of sitting at a desk and working on a computer, it's time to get out of the office building and into the sun and fresh air. Bought our very first motor home and have a workers' camp position starting soon. Can't wait to take the leap of faith and begin a new adventure in our lives.

Medical - No One is Promised Tomorrow
by: Brad and toni

We are going full time due to the fact that my wife was very sick the last few years and it made us realize no one is promised tomorrow. I once heard it said, "you never really know how to live until you almost die." That is our reason!

We want to take advantage of this lifestyle as much as possible while we are both young and healthy enough to do so. Almost everyone we talk to either wants to do it or "is going to do that when they retire," but most have NO CLUE what it takes emotionally and financially to do so!

But all in all, what a life watching sunrises and sunsets together when you were not sure if you would ever get that chance again! Thank God we got a second chance!

Our 2nd Time Around RVing
by: Carter and Sherry

We went fulltime in 1995 for 10 years. Although, Carter did not feel the same as I did, we bought a house in Idaho. Shortly after, Carter had a stroke and we sold our truck and 5th wheel trailer; we thought we were done. :-) In 2010, we bought a LD Motorhome, keeping the house, and we plan to be gone all but three months of the year. We enjoy the freedom, meeting new people, and changing scenery all the time. Last year took a trip to the Keys and were gone eight months. Life is a trip! Enjoy it while you can.

Forced into Full Time RVing
by: mike

My house was burned down two years ago and we rented a house from psychotic landlords that were pumping sewerage in back yard. Tried to get out of lease; they sued us. We moved out into another nightmare of a fixer upper for the landlord and he would come in and tear out the repairs I made. No folks, I'm not making this up. My original trailer burned down next to my house.

So I bought a Greyhound bus for $4500.00 and converted it for less than 5000.00. We love our place because it is 100% our taste and we have real (not camper) stuff in our bus. We have a video at YouTube under living in a bus 2012. We are in a monthly campground. Fun thing is, we ran into our old camper neighbors from 10 years ago; they stay here, too.

Full Time Wantabees
by: Mike in Olympia

My wife and I are losing our home after 25 years due. Since my wife is having to medically retire, we decided it was time to go full time instead of weekend trips. We are selling as much as we can and storing the rest to see if we will really like it. Our only problem is we love our animals so we will be traveling with two dogs and two cats. I look at this as an adventure. I had a stroke in 2005 and wanted to do it then, but my wife was not ready. Well, after me bugging her because of her medical problems, she decided this would be a good idea. Hopefully we will eventually get rid of all our stuff and just enjoy traveling the good old USA. Our truck and 24 foot trailer are paid off so we have little bills and I have a good retirement plan, as I am retired from the USN, WA state, and social security. Hope to see some of you on the road.

Love the Fulltime RV Life
by: Ted and Dianne

Ted and I were high school sweethearts back in the 60's and found each other on the web. We reunited and got married. I went to work as a mortgage collector for a major bank and Ted retired as a golf caddy. About a year later he had a heart attack and we decided that life is way too short to work a distasteful job, and so we decided to buy an RV to travel.

We bought an oldie for about $1100 and poured money into it to make it travel ready; it broke down in NM, and we stayed in a small campground out of necessity. There a friendly camper introduced us to the world of work campers and we have been doing it ever since.

Ted and I now travel in a 34' Vectra with a conversion van for short adventures in areas the motorhome can't go. Our next adventure is work camping at a golf course. Staying 4 or 5 months exploring one area, and then picking out where we want to go next, makes life exciting and fun, and we meet all kinds of new folks. I can't imagine going back to staying put in one place, life is terrific.

Fulltiming, Part II.
by: Barb C.

You may have read our prior post re: full-timing. This is an update.

Tom passed away unexpectedly a year ago. We had been full-timing for 23 years. I sold our 5th wheel and truck and went back to our home in SoCalif, which had been rented all these years. I tried to wrap my head around the idea of giving up RVing. (I am in my mid-70s.)

I MISSED RVING SO MUCH! So...after promising family I would not make any major changes for a year, I am now looking for a small Class C motorhome so I can begin "part-timing." Just me and my dog, and occasionally, maybe a female friend for company.

I have joined a women's RVing group and will start with going on rallies with them until I work up the courage to go out "on my own."
I know things will be different than they were RVing with Tom, but that life can still be fun! And if not, I'll return home with the knowledge that I "gave it a shot." I'm so excited and I can't wait. Hope to see some of you "down the road."

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

Barb, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm also thrilled by your attitude! All the best to you. Please keep us updated on your travels. ~ Coleen

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