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Windjammer Restaurant and Lounge - Classic American Food, Fish, and Salad Bar

The Windjammer Restaurant and Lounge is Port Mansfield's eatery for, what I call, "ordinary American food." Still in south Texas and needing a break from Mexican food, we found it a welcome change.

Windjammer Canoe Salad Bar

But the boating and fishing theme is definitely evident on the inside. You'll find great displays of antique fishing lures. Pictures of sailing ships and actual boat propellers decorate the walls. There are mounds of seashells. And the salad bar? Served in a canoe!

A dish on the menu that I find intriguing, but have yet to try is the spaghetti with oysters. The Windjammer also has shrimp, scallops, drum, and tilapia. And, if you are a fisherman, you can take your fresh catch there and they will fry them for you. With the bring-your-own-fish deal, you get the soup and salad bar, and you choose a side dish.

They have a good selection of sandwiches and dinners. Hand breaded chicken fried steak. Hamburgers and hamburger steaks, hand formed -- not the pre-pressed frozen patties. Ribeye steaks. Chicken strips and grilled chicken breasts. French fries made from real potatoes. Homemade soup on the salad bar.

I think all of Port Mansfield is laid back and quiet (perhaps that's why the little community can support at least four RV parks). You'll find fisherman stopping in for dinner after a day out on the water, still in their fishing gear. But, the Windjammer Restaurant and Lounge is as close to fine dining as you will find here.

There's plenty of parking for vehicles towing boat trailers and for even the longest RVs.

Windjammer Restaurant and Lounge
Whitey and Sandy Thompson, owners
1088 E. Port Dr.
Port Mansfield, TX 78598
Phone: 956-944-2555
Toll Free Phone: 877-417-9207

Windjammer Hamburger and Fries

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