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Winter RVing and Camping in the Cold, Northern States

Winter RVing in cold country -- I'm talking South Dakota and Alaska -- takes planning. But, the rewards are wonderful! Prepare your RV for freezing temperatures and get ready for a great experience.

On the following pages, you can find out why, where, and how we do it.

Deciding to Winter in the North in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) We've decided to spend this winter in the northern states. We will mostly be in western South Dakota, with plans to make side trips to eastern South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Five reasons why.

Cold Weather RVing: Winter RVing in Freezing Temperatures Cold weather RVing requires preparation. Much of it has to do with the RV or camping unit. However, the mind-set of the RVer is nearly as important. We find the joys of RVing and camping in freezing temperatures outweigh the problems.

Winterizing for Cold Weather RVing This is being written as a journal of sorts, describing what winterizing we are doing as the weather gets colder. We are preparing to spend the winter in the mid-west, living in our travel trailer.

RVing in Cold Climate - Preparing to Winter RV in Alaska Once again, we are winter RVing in cold climate. This year (winter of 2001-2002) we are semi-settled near Seward, Alaska. Folks here tell us that if we could manage RVing in South Dakota last winter that we will do fine here this winter.

When It's Cold Out How do I keep my plumbing in working order when the temperature is below freezing? If I put antifreeze in my septic tanks, fine, but what of my fresh water? When hooked up at a park site how do you keep the fresh water hose from bursting?

Cabin Fever Is this really possible or will I be ready for the lunie bin by spring? This will be my first year RVing and living in one during the winter. How do I live in one in the winter?

Travelling in Cold Weather When travelling in cold weather, is the vehicle heater sufficient to heat the motor home or do you use the propane system?

Blue Ridge Winter RVing I am planning a trip to the Blue Ridge and they are saying the temp at night will be 16, 17, or some in the 20 degree range. What do I need to do to my Class C motorhome for the four days and nights I will be there?

This Q/A also lead to a discussion about RVing in TX during an Arctic front.

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