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Winter Travel on the Alcan

(Coleen, the RVing editor asks...)

I'm looking for information on traveling the Alcan Highway in the winter. We've traveled the Alaskan-Canadian Highway in the spring. But, we've never made the trip in the winter. If you have, I'd like to hear from you -- just click the Comment button below and tell me about your trip.

Update: I posted this request about a year ago and no one answered it. So, the logical thing for me to do was to make a winter trip down the Alcan myself. Bob and I just did that, leaving Alaska in late October 2010 and arriving in North Dakota in early November 2010. While that may not seem like winter to most folks, we definitely experienced cold weather (below zero temps) and winter driving conditions.

I will be posting much about our trip. If you have questions, please ask.

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