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Wireless Pet Containment

Pam asks...

Anyone know the real story on the new Perimeter Wifi wireless pet containment system? Looking for reviews from real people. Such as how well it transmits and receives? For use mostly in boondocking situations located in lightly populated areas. We're not so much into parks and concrete :) Thanks in advance for any info you can help with.

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

How about it RVers? Have any of you used Perimeter Technologies' Wire-Free Pet Fence? Or, do you have experience with other brands of invisible or wireless pet fences? Since many RVers travel with pets, it would be great to have some more info on this.

If you travel with pets but don't use an invisible fence, how do you keep your pets under control so they don't go running off or wander out of your RV site?

Bob and I are low tech when it comes to keeping track of our critters. We've always used a plain old collar and leash, on both cats and dogs.

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Comments for Wireless Pet Containment

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by: Anonymous

Depends - dog has to be well trained to respond to the cue provided by the fence. Even then, I'm not sure, if for example, it's the type to charge after squirrels, it would be effective. By the time the fence activates the dog might be on the other side of the wire. We also go the secure leash route.

Wireless Dog Fence
by: Lennie


We travel with two shih tzus and two cats, and we use the wire join together pens for the dogs. We use extra large wire crates for the cats with a tarp over the top as they tend to be shy. All four love walks on a leash so that's what we do. We put them out in the pen when we are outside with them or to run to the potty - so easy to clean this up.

Most dogs are smart enough that they know when they have the collar on for the wireless and some will stay within boundaries and others just bull right over ignoring the zaps. I don't think they are worth the money.

I personally feel our idea is much better - after all we take the family camping and want them with us, not left outside to bark at the neighbors!

A Caution about Wireless Pet Containment Systems
by: Sherry, Vita In Via

Just remember that even though your pets have been trained not to cross that invisible line, other animals can - and will - cross it without a problem, and cause problems for your pet. If all pet owners were responsible enough to keep their own pets contained, and if wildlife weren't so bold - especially in camping areas - this wouldn't be a problem. But keeping our own pets contained is only half the story; keeping them safe from other pets and critters is the other half, and something only a fence can do.

Just something to think about :).

Wireless Pet Containment
by: pat from Manassas, VA

Being a former dog show enthusiast, I have always used x-pens. Having one with a gate is a plus. One of my boys does not know how to potty on a leash, so the x-pen works great to let them out for a quick potty. However, the metal x-pens are heavy.

I had bought four, three of one kind and another smaller one, to block off the underneath of the coach. It seems that having so many makes them a little unsteady. The first time I put them up, I was only using two. One of my boys jumped against it and it came apart.

I have just purchased two North States Ultimate Super Yard Ultimate with a door. I could not find the door version in the pet play yards, but they have the same thing for the 2-legger play yards. I got mine at ToyRus, online. I did a trial run as far as setting it up today. If I position one of the gate openings at the bottom of the steps and join the two play yards together, (I may have to take out one of the panels), the other gate we can use to leave our campsite. They are plastic and very light weight in terms of storing them in the RV. My boys are about 35-40 lbs. each, but I think as long as I am always outside with them, we should be OK.

The trouble I have had is finding a camp ground that has a dog park. One place said they did, but it was just an open field with spit rail fencing boarding part of it. There was no way I could let the boys loose.

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