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Work Camper with Disabled Partner

Debbie writes....
(Asking for input from RVers with disabled spouces.)

I would like to try some work camping with my husband who had to retire early due to health issues. Possibly a three month stint of a summer north or winter south. Our home base is Virginia, which we will keep. He's not sure he wants to be in a camper for a three month stint while I work. Since I would love to retire and travel but can't, I would like to give the work camping at least a good try. Anyone's advice out there with a similar situation would be most helpful and thank you!

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Hi Debbie,

There are many work camping jobs for one person. So, the fact that your husband is disabled shouldn't be a big problem, as far as you finding a work camping position. Look for one that advertises for a "single" or "single or couple."

I think the big issue you need to look at is your husband's outlook on this. It sounds as though he's afraid you are going to be gone all day and he's going to be stuck home alone in the RV. It's a reasonable concern. It sounds to me like he needs to be involved.

So, what does he like to do? What are his interests and hobbies? What is he capable of doing?

You might look for work camping jobs at facilities that appeal to his interests.
Would he enjoy being at a golf course, museum, or an old-time re-enactment park? Does he enjoy being around kids or animals? Is he an avid fisherman or does he like model trains? Whatever his interests, you could find a place to work and live immersed in those interests.

Some volunteer positions or camp hosting jobs require very little physical work. Not knowing what your husband's disability is, I don't know if this is feasible or not. But, it could be that there are things he could do, so that you would be a work camping couple. Could he sit at a visitor center and greet people? Could he do some behind the scenes jobs, helping to promote some event? Volunteers are needed to do everything from stuff envelopes for fund raisers to sit in museum buildings to welcome people and keep an eye on things.

If you are mainly looking at work camping at campgrounds or RV parks, look together to find some that interest you both. He may be surprised at the kinds of activities and social opportunities offered at parks. RV parks tend to be very social communities, where he would have the chance to make friends and enjoy their company while you are at your job.

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