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Campgrounds Near Rose Bowl Festivities

Jim B.

We will be going to the Rose Bowl festivities next year and wonder about the campgrounds. How close in proximity to the parade route are they? What price should we expect to pay? Any recommendations for which park is best, or most convenient, etc?

Coleen replies:

Rose Bowl Area Campgrounds

I don't have personal knowledge about campgrounds near the Rose Bowl festivities or in the Pasadena, CA area.

However, the Camp California website may be helpful.

It lets you search for California campgrounds by landmark. You also enter the distance you are willing to be from that landmark. It then comes back with a list of campgrounds in the area, including their amenities and prices.

Enter "Rose Bowl" and choose 50 miles as the distance. You'll get back information on about 20 campgrounds. They range from 13 to 42 miles from the Rose Bowl. I checked prices on a few of them and it looks like they start at $30 and go up from there.

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