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50 Ideas to Help Keep Your RV Organize, Clean, and Decluttered (Book Review)

Keeping your RV neat and tidy can be a challenge. Especially if you are a shopper. Especially if having a place for everything and putting everything in its place is a foreign concept to you.

50 Ideas To Help Keep Your RV Organized, Clean, and Decluttered

If the idea of having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place is new for you, full-time RVer Brenda Speidel has come to your rescue. Follow the advice in her e-book, 50 Ideas To Help Keep Your RV Organized, Clean, and Decluttered, and you are sure to make great progress.

Brenda realizes that many women would rather shop than clean. If that's you, she identifies with you; she understands. Many of her tips are about reducing, and in fact, preventing, RV clutter.

Her tips are practical, things real RVers can do. We've all heard or read about those complicated organizing systems that sound good, but that require a whole-house makeover and an arsenal of organizing tools. Well, Brenda's tips don't require a professional organizer. You can just start doing them. Now.

Besides dealing with clutter, Brenda can help you clean and organize your RV.

She recommends environmentally friendly, "green" cleaners. Her appendix includes recipes for making several. They'll help you clean your RV inside and out, without damaging it.

Brenda apparently believes that you should "under promise and over deliver." The book's title, 50 Ideas To Help Keep Your RV Organized, Clean, and Decluttered, is a bit of an understatement. Though organized into 50 topic headings, you'll find multiple tips in each. I didn't go through and count, but I'm guessing there are hundreds of practical tips for getting your RV decluttered, organized, and clean -- and keeping it that way.

A sidenote: You can use Brenda's cleaning and decluttering tips even if you aren't an RVer. While some of them have to do with the small space of a recreational vehicle, or living safely within the weight limits of an RV, the majority of them can be easily adapted to help you keep your sticks 'n bricks home neat and tidy, also.

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