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The Port Mansfield Sunset Radiates Brilliantly Behind the Palms

The Port Mansfield sunset is a fiery ball of brilliance behind the palm trees. These pictures show our view from Bayview R-V Park. We're treated to this glowing scene most every evening.

Port Mansfield Sunset

The view from our motorhome window at Bayview R-V Park, Port Mansfield, Texas.

The blazing color of these sunsets is spectacular. But, you need to enjoy them quickly -- or capture them on your camera. The sun drops fast. I'll look out my RV window and comment to Bob about the beautiful sunset. And, before he barely has a chance to look up from what he is doing, it's over. The sun has slipped from the horizon, leaving behind only a tinge of pink.

The sun reflecting back into the camera adds a neat affect to this picture of the setting sun.

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